Blueflow - Bränslemätningsystem

Blueflow Onboard integrates with various other onboard systems and flowmeters to monitor fuel and energy consumption and other paramters in real time. Pararameter data are sent to Blueflow Online for reporting, analysis and verification.
Various displays can be installed for eco-driving and monitoring of energy consumers.
Feature examples:
Learning how to optimize the ship's fuel economy by minimizing consumption per distance, e.g. kg/nm.
Learning how g/kWh is affected on varous generator loads and number of generators started.
Using fuel trip meters to record fuel and energy consumptions over an arbitrary time period.
Presenting customized views depending on which parameters are monitored.

Blueflow Online is used for reporting, analysis, and verification of all gathered data.
Feature examples:
Flexible and user friendly report builder.
HTML, PDF, and Excel reports.
Get reports via scheduled emails.
Generate reports based on routes with automatic route detection.
Analyze data with correlation reports.
Analyze data with scrollable line charts.
Follow up and verify fuel-saving measures